Step by Step Content Production

Promotional Content

Create an audio version of your “About Us” page & “Team Bio”. Speed up the relationship building between potential customers & your brand. Customers who trust a brand buy from that brand.

Audio takes advantage of modern day device capabilities creating an environment that envisions connections. Imagine how connected a visitor is going to feel if they are able to hear the voice of the brand, literally.

Podcast Package

Ever wanted to create your own Podcast? Well this package is the perfect place to start. Our podcasting packages includes studio time, post-production, show strategy and coaching on hosting and support with the guest on-boarding process.

Building a show about something you are passionate about is a fantastic feeling and can be so rewarding. Technically there is a lot to learn thats why these podcast packages are perfect for someone who just wants to focus on talking about what they enjoy.

Website Enhancement Package

Research suggests that a visitor to your page is 95% more likely to engage with a business once they feel connected to the brand.

Consider creating an audio version of your “About Us” page or personalised “Team Bio”, imagine how connected a visitor is going to feel if they are able to hear the voice of the brand. Literally.

Audio Blog / News Article Package

Producing an audio version of your latest blog or newsletter. Audio content that positions you as an expert is 75% more likely to build trust. Make this an audio file as well as a written piece and this doubles prospect of engagement and conversion.

Using audio within your website adds a personal touch to your business content. Audio creates a visual representation of your business environment, the personal backgrounds and interests of your team, and the processes at work in your company.

Training Content Package

Training staff and building systems that provide consistency and transparency is crucial in all businesses who intend to scale. Covert you training manuals to audio, couple with a training platform like moodle & create your very own training platform.

What better way to train your teams, create inspiration, motivation and consistency whilst saving time and money. Staff can listen to your podcasts, sit exams and then graduate within your own organisation all on their own time and at their own pace. Consider using podcasts to share success stories, tips and pieces of advise from leaders within you business.

Audio Book

Create an Audio Book, be the creator you know that deep down you thrive to be. Creating an Audio Book could be as simple as recording a version of your favourite author or it could be the creative platform that allows you to be the next JK.

In conjunction with some of Sydneys leading studio, ELEV8 can provide access to whisper rooms and high tech recording equipment for the next level production.

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